2 literary analysis papers (4-6 pages)
In these 4-6 page papers you will analyze the construction of the text—its formal devices, use of language, narrative structure, inclusion of details—in order to make an argument about the work as a whole—its central concepts, overarching themes, and political meaning.  I will give you prompts and a more detailed assignment sheet that will help you shape your papers.  You should not include outside sources in these papers.
Literary Analysis Paper #1
Literary Analysis #2

1 literary analysis paper (8-10 pages)
In this longer paper, you will make a sustained argument about both nationalism and a literary text. It is your chance to intervene in the ongoing critical conversation generated in class. I will give you a prompt and a more detailed assignment sheet that will help you shape your paper.  You are not required to, but welcome to use outside sources.

Group Presentation & Critical Essay
You (and a small group) will be responsible for leading discussion (15-20 minutes) on one of the shorter critical or literary texts assigned. Your primary objective will be to show how your text illuminates, challenges, or comments on ideas present in the primary/long reading for that unit. Within a week of leading discussion, you will turn in a critical essay (2-3 pages) that reflects on the process of preparing discussion and analyzes the texts on which you presented.  Each group member will be responsible for writing his/her own critical essay, but the group should work together to plan (and lead) discussion.
Assignment sheet
presentation schedule

Quizzes/in-class writing
You will frequently have quizzes and in-class writing exercises which will ask you to reflect on  the reading assignment.  Some of these quizzes might include simple questions about content, but others will ask you to respond to, analyze, or engage with the reading.  These exercises are an opportunity for you to practice the necessary skills for your literary analysis papers, and to generate discussion.

Your active, thoughtful, and respectful participation is essential to this course. You should plan on contributing during each class session (if you have concerns about this, please see me in office hours!) and you should be on-time, enthusiastic, and attentive during each meeting.  Please be respectful of your classmates: this includes turning off your cell phones and using your computer properly so that there are no distractions.


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